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Welcome to the JCPA Reviewer Gateway. The Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis is a double-blind peer-reviewed publication. When an editorial decision is made your assessment will be sent to the author with any identifying comments or remarks removed.

Please review the publisher’s instructions for reviewers

Dear Reviewer,

Thank you for accepting this major role in the publication process of the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. We are honored that you accept our invitation

The Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis is committed to the publishing outstanding scholarly manuscript in all areas of Public Policy. It is also the primary publishing outlet for innovative reseach on all facets of comparative policy analysis. The papers submitted should be of the highest scholarly standard and the adhere to the JCPA readership’s expectations as outlined in the JCPA’s Comparative Aims and Scope.

Please refer to the following aspects in assessing the article and in writing your report about the quality and suitability of the manuscript for publication:

  • Does the article clearly address the comparative Aims and Scope of the JCPA? Note the seven criteria of comparative work – which goes beyond the narrow perception of comparisons between nations or institutions.
  • Does the article make a contribution to the ongoing scholarly dialogue on comparative policy analysis.
  • Does it advance the domain of comparative policy studies? How?
  • Does the article contribute to the development and testing of comparative methodology, theory, or their practice implications;
  • Is its methodology sufficient and appropriate for its topical subject?
  • Is it well-written?
  • Does the manuscript include appropriate documentation and sufficient references to relevant literature?
  • Could sections of the manuscript be reduced, or, if tables are included, can they be eliminated?
  • Is its argumentation sound?

Please Provide one of the following recommendations along with a brief report (300 to 500 words) that will aid the editors in assessing the manuscript’s quality, relevance to the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, and its suitability for publication in its present state.

1. Accept As Is: This is an original contribution to the literature that is excellent in all aspects and is ready for publication in the JCPA in its present state, or with minor revisions.

2. Reject: This manuscript does not meet the high standards of the JCPA or is otherwise unsuitable for the JPCA’s audience. (Please provide the editors with reasons supporting this designation. Reviewers may wish to suggest more appropriate venues for publication.)
3. Revise and Resubmit: This manuscript has the clear potential to be an original and significant contribution but is unsuitable for publication in its present form. Publication would be subject to satisfactory revision, including the incorporation of specific changes. (In this case please include specific instructions to the author on the nature of the required revisions).

In consideration to its authors, the JCPA commits to a fast response track. Articles submitted receive a first response within 10-14 days, within which time-span, if found suitable, it is assigned three reviewers for a double-blind review process. We kindly ask that you submit your review within 30 to a maximum of 45 days.

Contact Us with any questions you may have about the reviewing process.