ICPA-Forum Mission

ICPA-Forum Mission

Founded in 2010, the International Comparative Policy Analysis-Forum is an international network of scholars dedicated to the advancement, encouragement and exchange of ideas, research, and other activities relating to comparative policy analytic studies. It supports the mission of the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis and its Aims and Scope by engaging in a dialogue on comparative policy issues, methodologies and theories.

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Through volunteerism, the network advances the domain of comparative policy studies by way of collaborations, to date, with over 45 leading institutions and 10 international associations. The ICPA-Forum involves and sponsors research collaborations, research exchanges, opinion pieces, annual workshops and research symposia, peer-reviewed volumes and book publications with a range of comparative lenses published by a number of publishers. To promote the field, the ICPA-Forum and the JCPA awards the Award for the Best Comparative Paper at its ten international scholarly Partner Associations.

The ICPA-Forum encourages the involvement of graduate students in the comparative policy analysis dialogue and in publications, and offers special membership rates inclusive of 5 annual copies of the JCPA. Join the our newsletter mailing list today.

ICPA-Forum Members receive a free annual subscription to the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis as well as discounts on Routledge/Taylor & Francis publications. Become a Member.


The Annual Award for the Best Comparative Paper at Partner Associations Conferences
To enhance awareness and to support the JCPA mission statement of advancing high scholarly standards and significant contribution to the field of comparative policy analytic studies, the JCPA and ICPA-Forum extend the ‘Award for the Best Comparative Paper’ at ten International Partner Associations Conferences. The papers are adjudicated by a joint-international adjudication committee. We extend to the winners: a Certificate, a monetary award, and a priority publication slot on successful review and acceptance.

Comparative Research Symposia

This effort promotes the dialogue on comparative policy analytic studies by facilitating research networks interested in collaborative comparative policy analysis research and/or dissemination of findings.

Each individual symposium in the series may focus on comparative research reports on common subjects of interest, involve in investigating and developing theoretical framework, finalize research design, further tool development, among others. The outcomes may be disseminated by publication of monographs, or a refereed Special Issue of the JCPA.

ICPA-Forum Annual Workshops

Hosted at various international institutions around the world,the annual JCPA and ICPA­ Forum Workshops are a key tool among the ICPA­ Forum activities, in engaging scholars and students in discussions, dialogues and exchanges to disseminate comparative policy analytic knowledge. The workshops serve as a springboard for developing a community of scholars and practitioners advancing comparative policy studies. Papers submitted are peer reviewed and participation is by invitation. The papers may be become articles in Click here to view ICPA Forum Workshops.