ICPA Sponsored Publications

The ICPA-Forum and JCPA sponsor international comparative public policy publications with the aim of disseminating comparative knowledge benefiting theory and practice in public policy, and interwoven public affairs, public administration, and public service domains.

International Library of Policy Analysis, Policy Press, London – a five-year anthology series

The International Library for Policy Analysis is a seven-year series edited by JCPA co-editors Iris Geva-May and Michael Howlett. The country specific volumes are guest edited by editorial, institutional and individual members of the ICPA-Forum as part of the collaborations within this network of scholars. Each volume showcases governmental and non-governmental structures, fields of public policy, policy analysis conceptualization and practice in different countries. Since the structure and concept for each volume is the same, the books can be read horizontally and sections, chapters and topics can be compared.

The Routledge Handbook of Comparative Policy Analysis

The Handbook is edited by JCPA co-editors Brans, Geva-May and Howlett, in collaboration with JCPA and ICPA-Forum members. The Handbook provides the first comprehensive examination of policy analysis in a comparative perspective among orientations and practices. It covers an international meta-study of the state of the art knowledge about the science, art and craft of policy analysis in different countries, at different levels of government and by all relevant actors in and outside government who bear the responsibility of the analysis of problems and the search for policy solutions.

Comparative Policy Analysis – the Classic Publications

Forthcoming: This Reader Series is edited by Iris Geva-May and Guy B. Peters, co-editors of the JCPA, and Joselyn Muhleisen JCPA awards coordinator, and involves authors of JCPA articles and guest editors of JCPA special symposia issues. The Series is meant to contribute to the now maturing field of comparative Policy Analysis pioneered by the JCPA since 1998. With globalization and internationalization, the need for comparative public policy has reached momentum in all domains of public policy. To celebrate twenty years to the founding of the JCPA, and its contribution to the field, this Reader Series presents a number of Volumes inclusive of best articles, per field of study and/or disciplinary domain, published in the JCPA since its foundation. These classics of comparative public policy make available in one publication an unequalled wealth of refereed papers of the highest scholarly contribution and quality ranging from Methodology and Theory building, to orientations, practices, and lesson drawing in public policy and related public administration and affairs, internationally.

A Bibliographic Database Advancement of Underserved Populations in the Public Service

This Bibliographic Database was collected by JCPA’s Iris Geva-May, Maeghna Shabarwal, and Shawn Drake, in a collaborative effort sponsored by the JCPA and ICPA-Forum and a Ford Foundation grant at CCNY, CUNY. The aim of this bibliographic collection is to bring together in a comprehensive fashion the scholarly work on the key facets regarding opportunities, challenges, means of involvement, and advancement of underserved populations in the public service. Underserved populations currently refers to African, Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Immigrants, Women, among others. Working towards the advancement of underserved populations requires a deeper understanding of not only the state of affairs in the public service, but also the environment, institutional challenges and training considerations that confront the advancement and growth of these groups. To this end, the bibliography includes lists of published Books links, Journal Articles abstracts, and study Reports along with abstracts. These focus on seven areas and related issues: Workforce Diversity, Leadership in Public Administration, Race/Ethnicity and Politics, Women in the Public Sector, Affirmative Action Programs, Graduate Public Policy and Administration Education, Trends in Minority Involvement in the Public Service.

1. A Bibliographic Database Aims and Scope — Advancement of Under-represented Populations in the Senior Executive: (September 2009)

2. Advancement of Under-represented Populations in the Senior Executive: Books (October 2009)

3. Advancement of Under-represented Populations in the Senior Executive: Articles (October 2009)

4. Advancement of Under-represented Populations in the Senior Executive: Master Government Reports (January 2010)