About JCPA and ICPA-Forum

About the JCPA and ICPA Forum – Rationale and Pioneering a New Domain of Study

Comparative policy analysis has emerged as a distinct field of study in the past two decades. The triggers are:
(a.) access in the global village through: transportation, technology, communication;
(b.) Economic path dependence and interdependence;
(c.) Similar national policy problems — challenges and dilemmas, for example, Immigration and migration;
(d.) Cross national problems such as security, climate change;
(e.) the Need for Lesson Drawing, Transfer, Diffusion, Innovation – for efficiency , effectiveness, market completion and avoidance of foreclosed solutions (Geva-May, 2016).

With these emerging needs in mind, the JCPA was founded in 1998, and is considered to have pioneered the domain of comparative policy studies (Thompson Reuters, 1998). In tracing the development of the policy studies and policy analysis field, Beryl Radin (2013) highlights the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (JCPA) and its mission statement as important stepping-stones in the development of the field.

The Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis is affiliated with the International Comparative Policy Analysis Forum scholarly association (ICPA-Forum).

The JCPA and ICPA-Forum Connection

The JCPA: To date, JCPA is still the only journal exclusively devoted to comparative policy studies. Its mission is to advance the field through theory development, methodology development, and cross-units comparisons from which lessons can be drawn and fallacies avoided. The mission of JCPA has been advanced by the founding editor Iris Geva-May, with the support of dedicated editorial board members such as Laurence E. Lynn Jr., first co-editor, Peter deLeon, Duncan McRae, David Weimer, Beryl Radin, Frans VanNispen, Yukio Adachi, Claudia Scott, Allan Maslove and others in the US and elsewhere. The JCPA has increased from 3 to 5 issues per annual volume, over 120 submissions per year, an acceptance rate of 21%, 323 citations of its articles, 36,000 downloads in 2015 alone, and the impact factor increased within one year from 0.612 to 0.642. (Thompson Reuters SSI Citation Index) indicating an increasing interest in comparative policy studies and recognition of the JCPA’s scholarship and contribution.

The ICPA-Forum: To address this increasing interest and advance the field and along the lines of its AIMS AND SCOPE the JCPA carried out activities such as annual workshops and research symposia, best article awards, and partnerships with institutions and associations. Since 2010, to support the mission statement of the JCPA to advance and disseminate comparative policy scholarship and knowledge, these activities are the responsibility of the ICPA-Forum. Through volunteerism, the network advances the young but steeply rising domain of comparative policy studies by way of dialogue, exchanges and collaborations with over 1400 international paying and non-paying members, scholars, students, and recently, practitioners; with about 45 leading international institutions involved in a scholarly network advancing comparative studies; and partners with ten scholarly associations to sponsor panels, and mainly offer awards to outstanding comparative work at their respective conferences. It co-sponsors with the JCPA research exchanges, opinion pieces, annual workshops and research symposia, peer-reviewed volumes and book publications.